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Super - Insaans : The Beginning

By Pragyananda Mishra

Born in a small village of Smashpur, Brush Banner was just the quintessential simpleton next door. Spending his childhood among explosives, science and medicine he developed flair in the art of experimentation. The name ‘Brush’ was a result of his peculiar practice of brushing with a green paste 3 times a day (some even say this was a result of a failed attempt to impress a girl by using green oil painting!!). In the village of Smashpur, the richest man was Pogambo- who amassed massive wealth from his battery of hooligans and vandals. Pogambo was blessed with a son named Mogambo, who had a mutated laugh gene from birth which made him to utter “Mogambo khush hua” at every drop of a hat! Being school mates, Brush Banner and Mogambo were as different as fire and ice but still managed to get together well on their various journeys and expeditions through the woods, jungles and zoos. Things went on very smoothly till the 5th of November - the day was special in a way that Smashpur was celebrating its centennial Durga Puja celebration but little did the denizens knew that this day would scar them forever- especially of the two bosom friends.

The school play was a very integral feature of the RamLeela done as a part of the festivities. As with kids, ecstasy just failed to leave Brush Banner and Mogambo as it was a hard earned victory in the battle of the countless auditions and hour of rehearsals. To make matters a tad interesting the school’s cynosure, the beauty Lara Kofta was to don the clothes of Sita. Although Mogambo has tried to woo her with gifts, chocolates and myriad flowers, Lara never had a soft corner for him. She always was interested in the reticent and meticulous Brush Banner. The grapevine had that Brush Banner had given many tips to Lara about expeditions, mysteries and tomb raiding (Coming from a family of the many grave diggers and treasure hunters she had to fall for it). The entire scheme of affairs was being closely looked at by a senior named Joe Kar, loved to make people laugh- by hook or by crook. He was also behind those tens of “Please-Like-for-a-Competition” chats send across to class mates. Obviously many agreed and helped him, but Brush Banner and Lara were two of those who stood out and firmly objected to this system of forcing people to oblige. He hatched a plot to scar these two rebels for ever. His nefarious brain thought of replacing the crown of Lord Rama (the role to be played by Brush Banner) by a chemical which itches and leaves permanent marks, and for the fate of Sita (the role to be played by Lara Kofta) he thought of placing a poisonous flower which could make her temporarily insane! The school’s principal was an ardent drama enthusiast Mr. Sher Lok Homes, who was a dignitary in the village given that he was a landlord and offered condominiums in the posh area called Lok Street. He, among other things was a brute taskmaster and was seen smoking a pipe and having the assistance of Dr. What Son when it came to important affairs.

The play began among thunderous applause and cheering. Mogambo was at his vociferous best with the utterances of his catchphrase while fitting into the role of the imposing Ravana and Brush Banner carried the stature of Lord Ram in a manner which was never seen before. To complete the story, Lara Kofta was delightfully witty and at her gracious best as Sita. It was the 23rd minute when after a barrage of arrows and vociferous dialogues that Ram entered the battle with the Ravan. After some spellbinding exchanges, Joe Kar found the opportune moment to unleash his demonic ideas into practice and sprayed the chemical on Brush Banner’s crown and planted the flower in Lara Kofta’s wig. Banner, nonchalantly put on his crown for the next act and suddenly felt the influences as he scratched all over accidentally spilling a green chemical on himself in the process (Later it was found that the chemical was brought by the ever so forgetful Mr. Been) - the Smashpur residents watched with horror as Brush Banner transformed into a monster, a grotesque green form smashing furniture and screaming at the top of his voice. It was only a Lara Kofta’s touch and comforting voice which brought back the monster to a human form- Brush Banner had got an evil twin - a Howlk.

Time passed and these little friends and enemies entered manhood and settled into different roles. Lara Kofta became an avid Tomb Raider, Mogambo took help of minions and build a gang of hooligans who helped him to be the emperor of the world, Brush Banner/Howlk was a scientist during the daytime at the Smashpur academy of sciences and Mr Sher Lok Homes became one of the largest retail estate behemoths of the country. Mr Been grew to be a charming TV personality, making children roll to his comic histrionics. The world never knew of Joe Kar after that, it was said that he left Smashpur as he was interested more in meeting an unstoppable force - The Batmanav!

Lots more on the next story…..


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