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By Harsh Joshi

Amidst the sky, the tree and leaves
Beyond the mountain that grieves
In the shade of the mighty sun
From the fire of which no mortal can run.

Lies to that side the purity I crave
The truth I wish where man is brave
Under the light of the moon and stars,
Where wonder, love and wisdom start.

To that abode may my soul drift
That single dune out of tons that shift
Where time has stopped its movement
And places are forever in the same moment.

Where power, money and fame are stale
Where darkness and hatred are frail
At this place may my soul rest,
Where all virtues and sins are put to test.

Photo credit - Indrajeet Deshmukh

I wish mankind would stop this race
And live their lives in this heavenly place
Where happiness reins forever
And man is never sad, never ever.


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