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By Pragyananda Mishra, who is exasperated battling alarms, deadlines and  fighting  with the 1st  3 letters of the alphabet along with mathematical suffixes which have encroached his otherwise ,  reserved- for- the- pulchritude nocturnal ruminations ....

In here I would like to dissect some of the commonest phrases, idioms and sayings in my way.There would be a semblance of Sheldon, Weaving and some of the grandiloquent in history but believe me this will be entertaining.

1) 'A stitch in time saves 9' :
A complex embroidery loop in the temporal position of events relative to the annals of the universe can help you preserve the first composite lucky number ...

2) A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing :
The paradox of observing a carnivorous lupine often accredited with something ghastly in the a fibrous composition woven manually or by mills aiming at thermally isolating and in preserving the ignominy of exposing the external genitalia to the prying eyes draped around a  fleecy, docile four legged animal emanating plaintive whines, which in the local dialect is ‘mother’ ! phew...

3) To upset the apple cart:
Afflicting an anxious uneasiness or grief to an inanimate wooden mobile structure serving the purpose of transportation laden with an abundant malic acid compound, which has been the repository of scientific inspirations, that is largely coloured towards the end of the visible spectrum..

4) Where there is a will there is a way:
If you possess the testament that manages to distribute the necessary wealth and property to a highly chosen lot, then you are almost with certitude to extricate from the quagmire of delusions a path that leads to your destiny...

5) A little learning is a dangerous thing:
A diminutive activation of the grey cells of the cerebrum along with the excitation of the fovea centralis of the eye can only be worthy of being braided as something which may foster a dastardly repercussion towards the flora and fauna, disturbing the phi function and causing cataclysm...

Watch this space for more...

Pragyananda Mishra
20 something-year old taciturn hobbledehoy; I try to win but a loss is always heartening. Presently bewildered and still not sure that 0% of everything is better than 100% of nothing.


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