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An Orb Of Faith

By Ranjan Anantharaman

The flocks of sanity fly away
Into the distance
And she flutters so unrestrained
Enchantress from a distant land she

Stole inexplicably, grace and power
Of a smile that got to me
Aman Wilson Photography
Inside the daylight seemed
A touch brighter

And the night betrayed a silent laugh
As starlight bounced and danced
With the fading moonlight, a silent desire
Born in the land

So the sparrows played so happily
Like a conscious dream in a foreign land
With a maid so fair, and
Deep inside a stirring prophecy

Of change, my life. A new stream
Grew from the depths of my heart
Running with it, its rich tapestry, through the glen and hill
With the meadows and oak of insanity

And the sun shone bright on the stream
And the sparrows came back with a flutter free
Nest were built and brought to life
Grass grew tall and crickets chirped

Life enticed upon every shore,
Rose and lily, sunflower and mary
Threw themselves, scattered upon the very earth
With its butterfly suitors close at side

Deer they ran upon every glen
Pigeons watching, half amused
The light was bright and shined its best
Upon a vivid tapestry of life and joy

And the hill shall stand tall against the sky
Hold the dear clouds and birds of sight
The chasm of life buried so deep
An orb of faith so dense and untainted

It stands, magnificent he
For all time and eternity.  


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