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Mobile Advertising

By Clive Pereira

With consumerism in our blood stream the next step for companies is controlling it and what better way to do so then advertising? With pictures of gorgeous models and results which seem too good to pass up, the advertising industry has really got people hooked. If you think you are one of those few who are totally impervious to the charms of the industry, then you need to think again. From the brand of soda you order to the gum you chew advertising is constantly playing a role in the choices you make. Though it might sound scary that it has such a great influence, it’s not something to fear, instead take full advantage and get the best you can out of it. Advertisers are always pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity as well as new and innovative mediums to advertise through. 

The latest catch – mobile phones. With most of the mediums covered, advertisers are turning their heads towards advertising via mobile phones. The idea makes perfect sense as the number of mobile users is constantly growing at a rapid rate. Because of this advertisers are able to reach out to more consumers in the least amount of time and with a fraction of the budget required for a television commercial. Mobile advertising is not limited to just text messaging like in the old days(early 2000’s) but instead has broadened to include MMS advertising, internet advertising and Bluetooth advertising. The roads to mobile advertising are broad and many are making the best use of them. Companies like Apple have begun to integrate advertising in the operating system of the phone. How it works is that when you browse or are searching for something online the OS will give you a small bar on the bottom of your screen advertising for something related. You have the option of viewing the advertisement or just closing it. This keeps the consumer informed as well as allows them to make the decision of weather or not they would like to be exposed to the advertisement.  Android phones possess a similar technology. There are in application advertisements which flash below the gaming screen to advertise products. 

There are many reasons why mobile advertising is preferred and why it is doing so well. Advertising on the mobile is much more interactive as compared to television or newspaper advertising. The new advertisements made for the cell phone even have interactive games and other features in the commercial, so ultimately you are not just getting a plain old advertisement; you are getting a source of entertainment. In this way you are bound to take more notice of the item being advertised and more likely to purchase it. With smarter advertisements come greater visuals. The new mobile advertisements are visually stunning and can influence even the most rigid consumer. Advertising on a mobile phone just makes more sense as you are exposed to a larger market. Surveys conducted show that there are more people with mobile phones than internet connections.  The reach of the mobile phone to the consumer is much wider. 

The onset of mobile advertising has noticed a change is the advertising budgets. Less money is being spent on other mediums and more is being diverted to the mobile phone. With advertisers on the constant prowl for the next best thing in advertising, the mobile phone is the Holy Grail.

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Clive Pereira
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