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Waves 2012 - Relive the Streets

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They say being in Goa is our biggest asset. And perhaps therein lies our secret; it’s a microcosm of the Land’s best experiences rolled into one infectious extravaganza that goes far beyond the definition of your average ‘cultfest.’

But that isn’t the whole story - Hell, it’s not even close to that. We thrive on the unconventional, the supreme satisfaction of being the ones to stand out. As organizers, our constant endeavor is to provide that exquisite overall Waves experience. We strive each year to outdo ourselves, to put up in front of you talent unlike you’ve ever seen before, line up performances that vow audiences of all shapes, sizes and tastes and ensure experiences that last a lifetime.

Waves, Annual Social and Cultural Fest of the BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus, will present its 2012 edition from the 2nd to the 4th of November. This year, Waves will be honoring the theme and tagline of Relive the Streets, is going to be organized on an even larger scale, with ongoing talks of several international performances, a distinguished platter of exotic professional workshops, acclaimed creative studios, celebrities and experts in line to judge the various events. We also promise to come alive this year with a host of informals, exhibitions and stalls, for just about anyone in the fest looking to have the time of their lives.

For details, visit or feel free to contact,

Tushar Goyal
Coordinator, Public Relations
Waves 2012
+91 88888 18018 

Arnav Bhattacharya
Coordinator, Public Relations
Waves 2012
+91 96370 40776


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