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The Million Dollar Smile

By Saloni Mishra

*Tring Tring*

The phone rings at 2AM in the morning.

Getting up from deep sleep, she jumps out of her bed and instead of getting irritated for being disturbed at this time in the night, runs into the corridor, straight towards the window, and answers the call.

It's him; just his name on the screen of her cell phone, lights up her world

It is said, when you are in love, you don’t care about anything around you. But an exception to this would be the balance left in your mobile phone!

After talking for about an hour or so, they finally hang up, not because they wanted to - neither of them have the balance to continue the call.

She comes back to her room; everything seems to be beautiful, just perfect. She looks around the room and smiles for no reason.

Photo credit - Aman Wilson
All she knows for now is that she is madly in love and she wants to remain that way forever. She goes to bed, holds the pillow to her chest and sleeps with the smile still etched on her face. Next morning when she wakes up, the first thing that crosses her mind is his face, his smile - which makes the whole world around her, stand still - his hair, his voice, which drives her crazy, and makes her love him all the more.

She gets up and checks her inbox for messages, if any. With all love, warmth and care, she wishes him a good morning and also lets him know that if he bunked classes again, she would be angry.

After falling for him, she cares for him, knowing that if left to him, he would not take care of himself. Throughout the day, she thinks of him, and as the time passes, her urge to listen to his voice increases. After the classes for the day finish and she walks back to her hostel along with her friends; talking and laughing - but a part of her mind is still preoccupied with thoughts of him. Suddenly it stats raining and then she notices something - something which makes her miss him even more.

She sees a couple crossing the road, with the boy holding the umbrella and the girl leaning on his shoulder. For her, nothing could be more innocently romantic than this. At that moment, all that she wants is to be with him, and enjoy the first shower of the season with him, just like this couple. Her friends’ chatter brings her back to reality and she knows that if not now, her moments will come later. Her coy smile comes back at that thought. 

At the hostel, she does all the activities attributed to a hostel dweller after which she goes online on Facebook. Every now and then she opens his chat window, eagerly waiting for that little green light near his smiling face to glow. She stares at his profile picture, goes through his timeline again and again. Easily she gets jealous of the other girls on his friend list. She is convulsed by fits of anger when her internet slows down and tells her that her Webpage is not available. She relentlessly refreshes the page until she gets back on to the "Newsfeed” - It is important to mention the role of Facebook in maintaining long distance relationships. Finally, he messages her and ends her self-afflicted torment. They chat about his day and him flirting with other girls in his college(Though the flirting part is just a way for him to tease her).They chat about various things for hours together, without getting bored.

They love each other : truly, madly, deeply.

But today, she is unable to sleep as she is upset - They had a small fight.

The thought that he might be hurt does not let her sleep - the insecurity of losing him envelopes her.

Every now and then, she checks her mobile for a new message or a missed call. But finding none, she feels low. When it becomes impossible for her to resist, she picks up her mobile, goes out and dials the number.

*Tring Tring Tring Tring* - And then a minute later, a voice says "The customer you are trying to speak to, is busy at the moment".

The desperation and agony rises. She sits back on the staircase, wondering how only yesterday she was so happy she lets a drop of tear trickle down her cheeks.

She thinks about how much her mood depended on the happiness of one person and how much she stood to lose without him.

Upset, she goes to bed, reminiscing about all the good times she spent with him and tries to sleep...Suddenly her mobile starts vibrating.

The million dollar smile returns to her face.

The same girl, who was upset a few minutes back, is now the happiest person on the planet.

They talked as if nothing had ever happened - For love is meant to be patient, and love is to forgive the wrongs.

And then, they keep talking till the fated balance gets over. Everything is just like it was before - She blushes and smiles with her million dollar smile.


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