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The Sunday Debate

One more mega-scam or a good intentioned policy gone bad?

Recently the CAG tabled its report on the "Coalgate" estimating a loss of Rs. 1.86 lakh crores to the exchequer. There have been huge outcries on the issue, specially since the otherwise untainted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was personally incharge of the Coal Ministry.

The government on its part has as usual rejected the report stating that the loss is over estimated.

The government contends that the coal mines were allotted at cheap prices, and a rapid rate, in order to generate cheap and substantial amount of power. It is no secret that India suffers a major shortage of power, specially for the industries.

The now question is whether this was just one more scheme by corrupt politicians to make money, or whether it's just a case of a well intentioned policy going bad?

Should the government have the right to provide natural resources at cheap prices in order to keep costs down?Is it not the prerogative of the government to act in national interest, even if it comes at a cost?


Should all natural resources be auctioned so that the government gets exorbitant amount of money, but ultimately leads to higher prices for common people?

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