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A Lovelorn Soul's Anguish

By Somya Suresh

Sullen trees and swollen eyes,
An empty road, a homeless hut.
Walking cranes to breakfast beers,
A weeping choice, dry tears.
No way out, of shrewish sounds,
With noise around, silence abounds.
An adieu today that fades away,  Undefined will it always stay.
A loss to recover, a restriction to make.

A change to mend, a void to bake.
Futile efforts to reconcile,
Hope to go strong, the last mile.
When they said forever,
It meant tomorrow and after ever.
But as they like it, it’s a sweet fable,
To put an end she wasn’t very able.
Hurt and deceit, flip sides of a coin,
Mistakes to repair, a last effort to re-join.

Give and take, today or tomorrow,
Everyone has to go, left with sorrow.
As we are unsure of these crazy times,
Listen to your inner voice, in these raging tides.
Let’s not go, let’s stay and cherish
Coz what is left is merely greyish.
Love isn’t any contract baby,
You got to hold on, as the ride's crazy.

To understand, experience this one night tent,
But make it beautiful, even in the season of lent.
So today we'll try to gain control,
Over one word, patience from the heart and soul.

About the writer : An Eng Hons from Hansraj in the University of Delhi.


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