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By Pritika Magima

Ode to the blues,
The imprints of feet on my pillow, 
The constant reminder of your breath
round my ear.
The bed sheet still reeking
Of cigarettes and vodka.

Ode to the green,
The envy of mine,
in the charm of yours,
glinting in every able woman’s eyes.
The weakening grip, and the diverted gaze
To a better female.

Ode to the red,
To the searing burst of rage.
To rip apart every inch of you,
And your callous self,
YOU unfathomable child of age.

Ode to the yellow,
The fear of no comfort,
No homely vibe,
But only the misty loneliness,
Through the paneled floor.

Ode to the purple,
The intimacy of familiarity.
To the beautiful dip to your back,
to the wonders your tongue could do.
To the ruffling and the rhythmic transition,
To lovers…

Ode to the white,
To the peace I've made with you,
And your decaying heart.
To the cherry red lipstick stain,
For years to come on your coarse skin..

Ode to being a PALETTE, to your ARTWORK.

About the writer : Whimsical. Oddly inspired by romance novels these days. Poetic.


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