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Ugly Duckling Improvised

By Vasundhra Goyal

All my fatty childhood, I was boosted up by the story of ugly duckling that was ugly and repulsive primarily but grew up to be the best looking swan and lived happily ever after.

Here's how it really happens.

The Ugly Duckling let’s say a ‘she’ is ugly and fat trying to hide her inferiorities by being nerdy, always hiding behind books. The better looking ducklings avoid the ugly duckling or befriend her only to make fun of her, thinking she is dumb and wouldn't notice.
Life is unfair and boring until it so happens that the ugly duckling falls for the most desirable and handsome male duckling of the clan. He is smart and always surrounded by the little female ducklings of the clan. He doesn't even know if she exists, until one night both of them accidentally cross each other’s path. They discover they have some common interests and immediately become good friends. Time passes and the handsome duckling falls in and out of relationships while the ugly duckling is still striving to express her love. Their friendship grows with age and the male duckling turn into a good looking swan while the ugly duckling is now an ugly fat swan. The ugly swan is happy with her friendship till she starts getting mocked by other male swans for her ugliness. She, in order to prove herself to the mockers and her crush, starts gyming and following GM Diet and turns into a beautiful swan in a matter of time. The beautiful swan is now surrounded by a lot of male swans who want to get involved with her. The (main lead) male swan, has matured and is in a serious relationship with unfortunately not the ugly duckling (now a beautiful swan), but another beautiful swan. In the meanwhile, previous-ugly-now-beautiful-swan gathers courage and confidence to propose to the male swan. Before she can, she discovers that the male swan has been dumped and is heartbroken and out of this whole relationship concept. She realizes that the male swan needs a friend more than a girl friend and she decides to be always there for him, support him, and make him forget his pain.

And they remain friends, ever after for life.

Moral of the story: Once a friend, always a friend. So, fuck your looks and get out of the friend zone as soon as possible before you end up writing Ugly Duckling Re-improvised.

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Vasundhara Goyal
I eat when I am bored and I live by the quotes that explain exactly what I am going through. I fancy reading Archie comics for the love of my favourite character Jughead Jones and I tend to get attracted to guys with a persona like him. I am a loner and at times I search for lonely spots where I can just sit and daydream.


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