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Love Is All There Is

By Megha Chauhan

The day you would go,
the thought would arise.
What did I gain?
What did I lose?
I gained wonderful memories,
but I lost you.
With that thought a tear would drop,
and wiping that tear I would say to me:

That is what life is.
Nothing permanent, nothing still.
At realms of destiny our life flows,
People may stay along or they may choose to go.
Fulfilling our dreams and purposes takes much time we have at sow,
and the rest spent with loved ones and those along this arcane road.
Coming naively, unknowingly from this land we sally forth.
Just one thing remains

About the writer - Believer, optimistic, cheerful,witty, motivational, crazy, sociable, kind, friendly, lover, spiritual. Blend them all and that would be precisely me!


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