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My mother, my pillar of strength

By Meera

"Beta , come home. Everything will be alright", said my maa to me.

For three years , she called me up twice a day to ask me about my health, food, classes and tests. And all our conversations ended with "Beta, study well".

My first year results weren't anything to be proud of , from being the 'bright kid' in school to going into ACB, she faced it all with me. Eventually, like a good old Bollywood movie, I got my senses back and studied and got a respectable cg at the end of third year.

And now when I sit for placements in less than a month, I'm doubting my abilities, my self confidence is into hibernation and for the first time in my life I'm scared of failure.

Talking to my maa, I finally decided to voice my worries, to tell her why I still lay in bed fifteen minutes after waking up every morning. 

"I might not get a job , you know", I murmured but tried to soften the blow by adding , "but I might get a job offer from my PS station".

After feigning indifference for the next thirty seconds or so , I looked at her. And there she was, smiling, as if nothing was wrong.

"Beta , come home. Everything will be alright", said my maa to me.

In that moment I realized that sometimes we worry too much about letting our loved ones down without understanding the fact that some people are just to be taken for granted. And in this fast pacing world , isn't that what we all desire? To have someone whom you can take for granted !

About the writer - All I want in life is, a beach house with a library. If I'm able to achieve that, I'd be at peace with the world and with myself.


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