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An Ode to Your Best Friend

By Achintya Prakash

I know your best friend, like the back of my hand,
I understand her stands, her wants and demands, her
haunts, her lands, my mind is rife with her life; I wouldn’t
know her better even had I met her more than twice in my life.


Well, everytime, as of late, on a date,
you state or opine her refined views and
lines and everytime we watch the news
I’m given clues of her do’s and dont’s on the
state of the state; (sure, I think it’s great that
she’s wont to analyse and auspice the gradual rise
of the economy); or when its you and me and a movie
(and shoot me but I like to see my flicks quietly)
I get her views on sex, the city, and its a real pity
that she’s not seated right here between us having a witty
and heated debate of how to abate the increasing rate
of shitty films; I’ve learned she’s a fine woman to dine and wine
with, even when she’s not there.

What I find rather unkind is that
if she’s on your mind more than half the time
I’m absolutely fine, but why do you blame me
now that she’s on mine?

About author : Usually found drinking coffee and having a cigarette with an expression of intense self loathing.


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