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My Story... My Journey... Only Mine

By Pratima Sinha


Competition is the word that hits when you think of your college/workplace.. or for that matter any group of people. This is what defines the world today!

I have met many students and people in general who have ‘DEFINED’ plans. 
They know that next month they have to do Dash-Dash…
and the month after that Dash and Dash 
and in the coming year... 
and then obviously there are 5 - year plans… 
which go like 

Photo credit - Vanessa
Why do we have to plan so much? I don't blame the organized and the disciplined, but they scare me! When you know everyone around you has a plan but you don’t, it becomes something to worry about.

Initially when I met such people, the cream as I called them, I used to feel all motivated. Yes! I also have to work this way to be successful, to be successful like XYZ I have to work like XYZ, follow his/her path. But then there isn’t just the one XYZ around you, is there? There is ABC and PQR and DEF and so many more, all successful in their own ways, in their own paths. This confusion as to whom to follow makes you stumble a lot of times because you try to copy or emulate each someone, look up to them and follow every someone’s path. 

Clearly what needs to be realized is that every path is different and every life has a different story and a different journey. Some person might be more successful than you today, but tomorrow you may be the most powerful amongst all around you!

Life and by extension success has no defined sequence, nobody knows what might happen tomorrow. All you know is you are YOU and these are your strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t like plans then DON’T MAKE ANY. Let those plan, who love to plan.

If you aren’t part of any college SOCIETY, let it be! Who says you need to be in one? 
I know someone who was never actively involved in any college society and never took part in any competitions, but got placed with the highest package and in the best firm! So easy it seems now!

- Your journey is only yours! Stop comparing!

If something has to happen it will happen… and if not… just be patient 
because something much better will definitely happen! 

So why compete aggressively? 
Why have that always win approach? 

Have an always learn approach
Learn from experiences. 
Make use of them next time and accept failures happily. 
After all they DO teach us something!

A Story that made me believe in life's RANDOMNESS-

My friend always wanted to pursue Fashion Designing. Got through the first round of NIFT but couldn’t clear the second round. NIFT was the only option she was looking at. She quit Fashion Designing. Joined Hansraj (Delhi University) and went on to pursue English Honors. By chance she met a friend in college who wanted to start her own business. So they started an ONLINE ACCESSORIES retail store (Its just a facebook page!).Fashionable that they are, their products became really popular and got sold all over INDIA. Orders were also received from outside India! They are finally convinced about their venture and are now expanding into their own custom made designs!! From Retailing to Fashion Designing! 

Well she did what she wanted to! Who needs a NIFT degree anyway! It was all just meant to happen!

Life is Random. 
Careers are Random. 
Things will keep happening. 

Luck is a major factor, luck and work. 
Just be confident and calm, stay focused and work hard. 
Never compare. 
Make your own ideas, plans and dreams.

And never ever stop following your dreams, no matter how many times you fall and no matter how intelligent or smart or pretty everyone else around you is!

There is always something about you that is different and unique! 
Explore that and start nurturing it.
You will discover your own success story!

About the author : In SRCC. Love making friends. Hate staying alone. Optimist. Dreamer. Love art. Love going with the flow!


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