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The Online Quizzer

The online quizzer’s IQ drops by 30 points when Wikipedia Servers are down.
Are you ready to go live?

Put on your thinking caps, and start getting second opinions about your IQs because B-Quizzed is back for its third edition. And like all third editions, this one is bigger and better.

B-Quizzed @ SIBM-Pune is a national level business quiz, conceptualized and managed by the Aspirant Relations Team at SIBM-Pune. The quiz is primarily aimed at the undergrads and corporates who aspire for an MBA, and has been serving as a stepping stone to that aspiration from the past two years. The quiz is organized at a national level and draws in talent from the best colleges and corporates of India, making it one of toughest, meanest and brightest business quizzes doing the rounds. In its first year itself, the quiz met with runaway success. The trend continued the previous year. And this year shall not be different.

The event will be conducted in three phases – namely, the Build-Up quiz, the online prelims and the final round. The build-up quiz is a visual quiz starting as a preamble to the main quizzing events, designed for the participants to score extra brownie-points in the organizer’s eyes. One wild card performer of the build-up quiz gets a chance to bypass the online prelims and enter the finals directly!

The online prelims are an initial filtering process from where the teams representing their company/institute will be selected for the finals. And… do we really need to say what the finals are?

Participants need to form teams of two, representing their college, coaching centre or company. That’s where all the boring things end. Because from there onwards, it’s a breath-taking display of business intellect, trivia, and competition, which should make any quizzer’s sixth sense go haywire.  

So here’s a big shout out to the quizzing minds out there:
Be amazed, be informed and be inspired. B-quizzed.

The build-up quiz begins 5th August, right from 12 midnight. More details can be found by following links on the Facebook, and Twitter pages.


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