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Like The Smoke From My Cigarette

By Abhay Gupta

She's like smoke from a cigarette.
You know she's bad for you but you can't help but take her in.
She's addictive. She poisons you.
You know she'll eventually destroy you.
And, at the end of it,
She leaves as quickly as she came to you,
Making you crave for more.

She's like smoke from a cigarette,
She leaves with the wind,
You love the feel of her on your lips,
You love watching her envelop you in her presence,
She's hypnotic in her complexity,
She's mesmerizing in her movements,
You know you shouldn't love her but you will.

She's like smoke from a cigarette,
She'll choke the life out of you slowly,
And you'll wonder why you even do it.
But then just the smell of her reminds you,
That you'll never have the willpower to give her up!
You'll try to conquer her, and maybe it'll work for a spell,
But she'll have you ensnared once again."
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Abhay Gupta
What about me? Well, I don't know really. I could be brooding and nihilistic or bouncing off walls like flubber on crack. I categorize and analyze everything because I get bored easy. I'm a tv buff, movie buff, comic fanatic, atheist and meme-literate.  And finally, cheesecake.


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