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Dream Again !

By Sridevi Mokarala

I can catch a glimpse of the train’s red light moving towards me. I’m on the railway track trying to pick myself up and trot away from it. But I can’t seem to find my legs. I find my throat parched. After struggling very hard, I open my eyes and find myself in my bed. That is when I realize it is a dream. But, yes! I still feel thirsty. I wake up and drink water. Then I go back to my bed and try recollecting the dream. Meanwhile, my dream is again interrupted, this time by my mother in her daily routine of waking me up. So, I come back to this materialistic world. However, I still try to recollect my dream. With these thoughts, I start brushing. But my otherwise interesting bright red toothbrush with bluish-white sparkling toothpaste on it doesn’t seem very interesting than my thoughts. I am in some other world.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever found it interesting? No, I’m not talking about the fancy toothbrush and toothpaste colors. It’s about dreams! Haven’t you ever tried really hard to recollect your dream? Have you ever had a fantasy about flying like a bird, your car flying in the clouds, you topped your semester exam, you met your favorite celebrity. Some of these may be impossible, and some otherwise, if attempted. But dreams know no boundaries . You may not be a director, but you get a chance to direct a movie with your favorite star. You may not be a leader for real, but you are on the top of the world passing orders to everyone. Whatever it is, your dreams make it come true. But many a times everything is not in your favor. Welcome to the other side of the coin. Sometimes, you find your world collapsing in front of your eyes and you can’t do anything but stare (like the weird dream I had). Whatever it may be, the only place where you can see the most wonderful things happen to you, and also the most awful things happen to you is - a dream.

Dreams generally are composites of places, persons and incidents faced the whole day. At times they are visceral re-imaginations of the thoughts that fill your subconscious. Dreams may not be pragmatic. They are generally reflective of a person’s memories, but often take exaggerated and bizarre forms. Everyone is a dreamer. But many a time, only a few dreams are remembered. Dreams can usually be recalled, if a person is awakened while dreaming. Is there a person who remembers all his dreams? Even if someone claims to, would you believe it?

So many dreams! So many fantasies! Do they ever come true? Do they ever repeat themselves? Have you ever heard of someone saying, “I knew that I was dreaming!” and, still believed them? Sometimes one may recall a dream, if he/she comes across a similar incident or situation. Such a feeling is actually called déjà-vu. Now, let’s go to the second question! Do dreams repeat? Yes, sometimes, they do, and such dreams are called recursive dreams. And then, here’s the next baffling question. Some people say that they knew that they were dreaming. It is termed as lucid dreaming. It is the conscious perception of one’s state while in a dream. Oneironaut is a term sometimes used for those who dream lucidly!

We dream about many things. Our goals, passions, food, pets, movies, god and of course occult things and people. Haven’t you ever dreamt of such magical things? They may be frightening sometimes. Students of course have bigger fears to deal with. Exams! Such dreams are called nightmares. Whatever is the name, a dream is always interesting to speak about. That is why there are even movies, based on dreams, and movies on how people go crazy about their dreams. Alice in wonderland, a tale of a girl traveling to a dreamland, happens to be one of popular ones. Nothing is an exception to a dream. Dreams are the best things you can have. A dreamer is a creator. Dreams cannot be influenced by someone. It is your land. You have your complete freedom of everything. So, dream, make them come true and prove your true self. Do the dreams come in color or black-and-white? The next time you dream, figure it out!

About the writer : Under graduate student, aspires to be a journalist.


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