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The Liquored Departure

By Pritika Magima

Glistening red liquid,
dancing on the lips to once again,
make me live.
Like the wind,
Like the whims of a teen.
The clanking of glasses,
In fake joy,
In forced reassurance,
of a brighter day tomorrow.
Where sabotage isn’t the motto,
where sweat is accounted for,
where questions aren’t left to rot.
My drunken stupor
and the so called words of wisdom,
of philosophy and future,
of love and life lost,
pave the way to the glories,
of a world unknown to all.

Tomorrow the world will glow,
in submission
to the synchronized behavior
of work and play…
Tomorrow will be another day.
Yet tonight, is an escapade,
To lands of leprechauns and gold like honey,
of jovial nature and unnatural glee.
I let the liquid dance on my tongue,
and let rainbows decide my fate.

Of mist and mint
Of not an obligated journey,
Of dreams and fantasies,
and thus, a contempt of reality.

About: Poetic. Whimsical. Freakishly attracted to romance novels these days.


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