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Your Words, Alanis

By Anuj Suri

Their words can only be written, Alanis, their words can only be read
I’ll tell them not, for they’ve heard it all, but your words, Alanis, are you, naked

Let them bang their heads to hollow music
And let them find meaning in rented lines
In a world misspelt for the sake of eloquence
Your words, I’m afraid, they’ll never rhyme

Oh and I, I’m only a pair of clapping hands, appreciating what they don’t really understand

They wonder why you’re thanking India
And they wonder who you’re screaming at
Smile, Alanis, for they’ll forever fail to fathom
The uncombed chick and her green lipstick

Oh and I, I love the song where you metaphorically say, to those who live a different day, “I know, it’s ok”

From denial to acceptance, to diaries, to records
From the honest transition, to a vulnerable centerfold
From questioning yourself, to solving your own problems
Like a falling parachute, Alanis, you’ve grown old

Absorbing from all directions, reflecting in only one
From marijuana to spirituality, have you lost all fun?
From rubbing it in, to letting go, to lettering it all down
Are you a lonely girl, are you a crying clown?
Or are you only observing all flavors of your being?
With interpretations of your identities in the foreground
The transience of joy and anger, with peace underlying
Your words, Alanis, are they saving you the ultimate meltdown?

But tonight don’t care to share the shame, to entertain
Let your pen not evoke the pain you’ve withstood
Sing your confessions only to your narcissistic reflection
For your words, Alanis, are best left misunderstood

Oh and I, I only hope there’s a day, when you laugh and say, “I’m only a universe away”
Oh and I, I’m only a thank you,
Oh and I, I’m only a happy birthday

God bless you Alanis Nadine Morissette
Thank you for your words


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