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By Fayesal Siddiqui

Am I expecting too much from the lord,
if I wish to always have you by my side.
Recovering from the greatest of all falls,
does it show that I’m out of my mind.

A drop in the ocean is my dream compared to,
all the mindless task thou art asked for.
I just don’t seem to have a clue,
as to what you’ve got for me in store.

The darkened hue of the heaven above,
thunders and seem to ask me why.
Haven’t I given you enough of trove,
then why I always seem to see you cry.

The long suppressed voice lashes out,
“O lord, I know thou knowest best.
Of thy greatness I have no doubt,
but I’m the one whose ne’er at rest.

Of all those mortals who are worst of sins,
who can’t keep those empty smiles.
O lord, for I know I’m the lowly king,
who only wants his own happiness’s rhyme.

But I don’t ask for gold or dimes,
nor anything of the interim lies.
But oh god now you’ve got me blind,
for everywhere now I only see those eyes.

And in those eyes I see the world,
that all men would gladly kill for.
Causes my head to go in whirls,
oh lord just include those in my trove.”

A sheet of wet wind blows me out,
anger it seems fashion for the day.
A fork of light cleaves the cloud,
the heavens anger sweeps me away.

“You only take what I need to giveth,
you knowest not what you ask for.
I’m the giver and I shall give the needful,
only when I see that thou deservest the trove.”

I close my eyes and spend a tear,
I crumple down and heave a sigh.
Another one of my many victorious failures,
I wonder what exactly makes me try.

I shrug my shoulders, dust my behind,
one more try and you’ll be mine.
I will never run shy from trying,
He will grant me for I know he’s Kind.


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