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A Maze

By Aparna HS

Photo credit - Chakradhar Nemani

Life is such a crazy game,
Not to be considered lame,
If in the end, you have no trophy to claim,
You have only yourself to blame!!

Love is just a part of life,
With moments of spite and strife!
The joy love brings,
Makes you believe,
That, love makes you alive…

Realize, its just a belief,
Might lead you to greater grief;
Don’t stop loving though-
Loving someone or something perhaps,
IS the only way to go!!

Define your fashion,
Never hesitate to follow your passion!
Lead life with caution, and care,
Not too much precaution,
Excitement is a must in this crazy warfare!! :-)

Warfare it is, but not to fight death !
To be dead, but to live on,
Should be your goal here on!

Contentment is definitely an asset,
But to achieve more,
Should also be your mindset!!

To go as your life takes,
is probably good;
But to take your life where you wish,
Is a Should!!

I know, :-|

Life is such a crazy maze,
Do whatever it takes,
To cross it,
With a smile on your face :-) :-)


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