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The Oblique

BY Srihari Narayanan 

Everything around us gravitates towards only one thing – Money! This path, that life has a taken a path so drastic that the path ahead is not just dangerous, it is self-destructive. What has brought about such a change in us that we no longer have any respect for our fellow beings? No matter how hard we try, those “vibes” of positivity are fading. Life has never been this worse. Insecurity clouds everything.

 The early days used to be so simple. Things were bought in “paise”, while today, even the "crore" falls short of satisfaction. What differentiates the life of today from the life of the days gone by, is that today money rules and not humanity. It’s cruel when the same rules apply to the lives of innocent kids as well. It’s shocking to hear of two kids being killed by their abductors when their parents denied ransom. Life has been reduced to a few numbers.

 Every road today has corruption and bribery as its milestones. Who cares about National Pride? Can one forget the scandal of Commonwealth Games? And does it stop there? NO! It is everywhere. It has to be said that in our country Bribery and Corruption are omnipresent. No surprise that our country stood at the second place in the world wide corruption list. The irony: Dirty politicians get a hike of 300% in their financial package but when it comes to any development package our Exchequer gets to look at the blank skies!

The morning newspapers are filled with gloom, every day, without fail. I have wondered if there will be a day when newspapers will carry news without any murders, rape, accidents or the likes. If in one column you have tragic news, the very adjacent column will carry a foolish advertisement, something that even news channels do.

Well if we sit and analyse all these, one thing strikes loud and clear. Anything and everything happens for Money! Readers of this note might feel that I talk as if I don’t need money. NO. We all need money but we should not live for money!

 Let’s not repent when it is too late!

Awake and Arise.


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