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Happy Anti - Valentines Day

I HATE Valentine's Day too. I have, as rule NEVER been Valentined, nor do I intend to in the near future. Yes you can call me a Valentine-Virgin. (I speak from my limited experience, do forgive me for my gaucheness at times.)

Photo credit - Vishakha Jindal
A few points say it all.

  • I belong to the school of thought that you don't need a special made to order day to carve out some time for your essential half. And in case you are one of them,you already are in love with your PDA.

  • Hello! Roses die! Roses that cost 15 on the roadside and 30-40 at Ferns&Petals,Cost Rs 2-3 a piece on normal days.

    So instead of gifting the love of your life a rose on an ordinary day (and she will be "exquisitely delighted" at it,believe you me!) you're gifting her the same thing, prettily packaged at which she must burst into paroxysms of happiness and mock surprise.

    Artificial pricing, Artificial emotions.True love?
  • Take a look at Archies or Hallmark.I don't think a Dust-Collector (Read : Teddy Bears) is what she had on her mind. Instead try listening to her for a change. You can't just stencil your love, bottle it up and sell it by the pound!
    Its an arcane and esoteric emotion.Also she's just gonna recycle your impersonal gift next Valentine's (Which is true if she has dumped you)!
  • I love mum and dad.But i don't need a special day to show it to them.Neither should you. 
  • I believe in Karma.Take a day off,use this supposed "National Holiday" to go teach underprivileged kids. You're gonna bond so well. I know it. 
  • Peer Pressure

The size of a girl's gift says it all. And all the aunties keep waiting for their MB romances.
Sorry to break your happy bubble, but (and i quote) NO guy is ever gonna whisk you off to Madrid or go scuba diving with you in real life,or own Villas in Tuscany for that matter.
Love who you have with all your heart.

For now, its his parents money. 

To conclude,(As the language of money is something that everybody understands),

Currency is derived from the word current, which means to flow.

Love,the currency of our Hearts, must circulate, 
or else it starts to stagnate and diminish.

It should be given and gained freely.
Not measured out and doled to the worthy.

I guess I'm not missing out at all..
At least the love I have is true.


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