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By Amruta Jaodand

Photo credit - Chakradhar Nemani

There is a veil on her face
Part glass part ice 
She exudes enigma 
And holds the poise
Of gentlest lady 
Who ever laid her feet
On this brown earth...........

They fear her countenance 
They abhor her appearance 
She derives life from 
Mortals they say........
She comes nonethless 
Greets every human
Kisses,embraces with passion 
A passion so acute 
That soul replies 
To it  
In most exigent way.........

It cant wait 
No, body can contain it 
It has to flow 
Like a train of her dress
And follow 
From a mortal story to an
Eternal infinitum 
Leaving behind  
All that it held
All 'his' legacies,all 'his' dreams...

Cutting all the bonds of love 
All the strands of being 
Embarking on a journey
That comes as a respite 
From a tired,steamed out life
A thousand memories flash 
A few faces remembered 
For meagre seconds.....

Then fear of unknown 
Grips the mind of soul
So she extends 
Her tender fingers
Ornate,wan,crowned petals 
The grip of whom 
Is unraveled.....

And then it all ends ....
The life as they call it
Like it never happened before
Like without her 
We were never complete... 


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