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Idiotoms 3

By Pragyananda Mishra, who at the time of penning this, had finished hearing a Rafi-Dev Anand tune about 20 times. Picture that, Dirty :)

1. Wild goose chase – To use the loco-motor reflex, intense coordination of the cortex and the lumbar support in pursuing a gaggle of harmless waterfowls, provided that the ambience around resembles the wilderness, untamed with resplendent flora  and fauna.

2. A rolling stone gathers no moss - The controversial anthology of pasquinades, lampoons and seemingly worldly thaumaturgy would in most certitude be a failure in collection, preferably for future use a substance characterised by a gametophyte-dominant life cycle bryophyte.

3. A thing of beauty is a joy forever – An object serving the myriad hues of purposes and swashing to multitude philosophies, when compared to visually appealing pulchritude lights an eternal flame of contention, jubilation and gaiety.

4. Brevity is the soul of wit - Being breviloquent, adept with the tenets of embracing succinctness of the vocal chords in blurting out audible frequencies is the incorporeal essence of an object’s sentience, sapience.

5. Every cloud has a silver lining - Out of the innumerable liquid droplets or frozen crystals  suspended in the troposphere above the surface of a planetary body forming a massive visible mass usually encompassing the spectrum of frequencies, there exists a lustrous transition metal, bearing immense tangible worth in the form of a straight geometrical parameter bearing negligible dimensions.

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Pragyananda Mishra
20 something-year old taciturn hobbledehoy; I try to win but a loss is always heartening. Presently bewildered and still not sure that 0% of everything is better than 100% of nothing.


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