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How To Mess Up A ‘Proposal'

By Rachina Ahuja

Yes, that declaration of affection, of feelings that are more than just fraandship is accompanied by several hazards. Steer these waters carefully or forever go down in ignominy as ‘that boy/girl who proposed me by *insert explanation of embarrassing circumstances*.’

5.Use a form of ‘endearment’ such as ‘baby’.

4. Ask ‘Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?’ with your group of pals chuckling/whistling/giggling behind you.

3.Compliment the person lavishly and give them the entire story of how you’ve been feeling since the first time you saw them (3 days ago).

2.  Do it by text/any form of social media.   

1.  Use the L word.  

What’s that whooshing sound? Ever watched Road Runner?
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Rachina Ahuja
Writing about myself is an annoying task because I’m never the same. I like change, I’m used to it, but when I go to my favorite restaurant, I’ll always order the same thing. Why take a risk? My ideal occupation would be Captain of a pirate ship with a pet orangutan but I’ll settle for making animated movies.


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