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Order In Chaos

By Aradhna Mangla

*Chaos too, is Ordered.*

His life was an endless cacophony.
Mystified by the world around him, he'd sunk into a place inside of him.

People pushed him around. Cursed and hit him. As if he was here by choice.

Sometimes a kindly soul bought something from him - something 

that he probably didn't need and threw away later.

Times were tough. His daring dreams of yesteryear 

had faded into nothingness a long time ago.

Yet he'd stuck to his place at the red-light.

He'd seen many things happen at this crossing.

Careless children getting run over.
Cows blocking the road.
A superstar's movie being shot.

Yet today, something struck his old heart that always kept up with him
in erratic beats.

A bird had made a nest on the signal pole. A chick had fallen down
from it. And a little girl was trying to trying to cross the road to
rescue the fledgling.

Nobody stopped. Nobody paid heed to the attempts of the little girl
trying to cross the road.

But you could see the determination in her face, screwed up in concentration.

Child of the wild.

But the cars wouldn't stop.
Lost in the chaos of rush hour traffic, why would people care
about something as trivial as this?

The chick hadn't learnt to fly.
And it tried to crawl hither and tither.
The little girl now had tears in her eyes. She was consumed by 
the will to run across the road. She did not see what was coming.

But He had and he'd made his decision.
He got up from his place.
And ran to stop the little girl.

Actually he did more than that.
His death caused an hour-long jam at the red light.

Sufficient time for the little bird to be rescued.
A sepulchral decoy.

Who said Chaos cannot be ordered?


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