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Taste Of Success

By Rishav Rej

True it was that I remained in state of dormance,
Never feeling the importance of that instance!
When I was in the field fighting for my glory;
If vanquished, I would have become history!!
Neglected I, my conscience!
Paid I, a deaf ear to every guidance,
Even when I did realise,
I was taken by surprise!
As I could no longer, myself command
My senses, and my conscience did no longer with me stand!
Darkness did spread and spread indeed dense!!
My state worsened and grew in me fear intense;
But when all was about to end,
I saw through the darkness the hand of a friend;
That rested on my shoulder
Only to make me bolder!
When I had none by my side
That hand was my only guide!
Revived I my senses, and strength I did replenish,
To fight the strife and remain unvanquished!
But time was indeed less and armaments few;
Which would just help me to pass through!
With all my strength the last strike I did make,
Keeping everything I had in stake!
And then I fell, fell to the ground!!
The reel of mistakes in my mind started to get unwound!
But when I opened my eyes
A new world I saw and saw the blue skies!
All of a sudden I was of my burden relieved!!
I no longer grieved,
I finally made the finish line, with grave mistakes committed I confess;
But at last I did finally taste success!!


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