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Along With Me All This While

By Anuj Suri

There are times when life is at its worst
When God is blamed to be unfair
When keeping a smile takes a lot of heart
And the heart is broken beyond repair.

Between the lines if you could read,
I’d tell you how it feels to be me.
Thinking about what we once were
And now what we have come to be.

On and off you’ve been on my mind,
Off in the day and on in the night.
You’ve been there saying you wouldn’t be
For long and sure you were right.

It’s not spice that my life is now missing,
It’s the sugar that you once added to it.
I still am not afraid of the dark,
But I miss the light you once added to it.

It’s not the feeling that we once shared,
It’s the absence of it that haunts me.
It’s not what we once were,
It’s what we couldn’t manage to be.

And I still have my morning coffee
And I still smoke my midnight cigarette.
They haven’t changed in taste at all,
The flavour though, with you, has left.

You may be out of my sight,
But my eyes, you can never leave.
And I still can see you clear enough,
In the night when I’m asleep.

And if ever I meet you again, I will,
Ask if I still cross your mind.
Will you care to give me a second chance?
Am I still worth your time?

Or no, I won’t ask all that,
For I don’t wanna see you cry again.
A new life for our relationship,
Isn’t worth seeing you die again.

And I still close my eyes once in a while
And hold your hands and kiss your lips.
And the distance between us disappears
And I comb your hair with my fingertips.

And then I fall in love again,
With you and your beautiful smile.
That’s how I’ve been carrying you,
Along with me, all this while.


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