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Politically Incorrect

the Best of Pragyananda Mishra

# Vampires are blood honest. Unke irade NECK hote hain

# In the world of symbols its only the + which enjoys a Sumbhog ;)

# Fowl-Mouthed: Blurting out obscenities at the first serving of a Chicken dinner after a break of many days

# Way too much vampire stuff on TV. Those Neckromancers !

# Its Maha Shivratri today- Rise to the occasion with the Big Bhaang Theory!

# I salute the woman - One who, generally speaking, is generally speaking ;)

# A main-course at a gala dinner ends only with a inter-course late night ~ wise guy

# A very happy birthday to Uday Chopra. 
The only Director turned Actor turned Director turned Producer turned Extra

# The more you study the harder it is to convince your grandmother about your career path

# The Fund Raising of an orchestra is always a Band-Aid

# A Voyeur’s eyesight is tuned at the Peek Efficiency ;)

# Shoplifters are the few ones who have a Gift of the Grab

# Fight till the last strand of black hair. Dye Hard !  

# Dressmakers, catering to a pregnant clientele are Mother Frockers

# Bharat Bandh coincides with Jiah Khan’s birthday. Poor girl, she is Nishabd today !

# A swimsuit hottie is a girl worth wading for

# There are always few special ones. The Testimoanial types :P

# Arranged Marriage: NewlyWed
Love Marriage: KnewlyWed
You choose !

# A barter over sea food is a Squid-Pro-Quo

# Climbing up a train is difficult for fat people. 
Uncles, for decades have tried to Up the Aunty at those places ;)

# Sleeping with girlfriends since 1903, A Teddy Bear has seen it all.  #HappyTeddyDay
#Lingerie salesmen are Negli-Gents

# In spite of my protests my friend went for installing 6 aquariums in his new house.
It is a house of gill repute now !

# Pickpockets are the greatest optimists. They believe that every crowd has a silver lining ;)

# My MBA friend’s relationship with a hotel maid is not working out. Apparently she is more of an expert with spread-sheets !

#What do you call a share trader who is also a humorist?
.A Laughing Stock

#Sheldon, of late has become better. He is now an Amyable person

#Every Pandit is a Hymn-atwala

#Ageing has its own pitfalls. One is the loss of the never-say-dye attitude

# Quantum Physicists, on completing their work breathe a Ψ of relief

# Cricketer’s dilemma at food : Currydor of Uncertainty

# Lost my shoes at the temple. Thank God, I found there exists a sole-mate for me

# A frog’s mother always opposed his son venturing out to the open. 
Little did the son understand that she was always the WELL-wisher ;)

# In a text conversation ‘Awwww’ is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

# Ancient Romans as portrayed by the TV shows were an altogether different generation.
 They were the Gen-ITALIA ;)

# Indian Protester : AAM ADMI by day, SPAM ADMI by night

# The Cunning Linguist got a score of 96.69; Forget MBA he would be a Lay-man for life ;)

# With Butter and Pickles, North Indian food is always a delightful Ghee-motional Aty-achar ;)

# Hindu weddings prove the existence of an Altar Ego

# My friend is on track to become a fantastic orthopedist. His favorite topic is the Cast-ing Couch ;)

# Balding Lions hate Mane-o-pause

# Police Dogs are an Epitome of Conscentration

# Savitha Bhabhi would surely be having a good time. It’s world Aunty-Corruption day !

# Zoroastrians make the thriftiest of friends. The Parsi-monious type ;)

# FDI has to be something right. I was opposing it and got splattered all over by an IDF defender

# Donald Duck broke up with his girlfriend. His condition was best described as LackaDAISYcal

# Minding the pupils is a squintessential teacher’s worst nightmare

# Batch parties make celebrities. The Lager than Life type you know ;)

# Its Bal Divas. A reminder to look after the receding hairlines ;)

# Classmates: Morons
Special Classmates: Proxymorons

# The private browsing icon stands for Cognito Ergo Sum ;)

# Any one got a DVD of Ra.One ?
Let’s burn it and celebrate Dussehra ;)

# While conversing with a boy, 65% of all girls begin replying with a ‘no’ 
Stay awake.......It is their aNOmaalous behavior

# The spell checker went for a blood test. He had a tough time believing the report. He just could not get over the Type-O ;)

# Electrical Engineers are the only people proud of their current affairs ;)

# I am innovative and a risk taker when it comes to consuming and ordering lobsters
In other words I can become a EntrePrawneur some day !

# There is always a vas deferens between birth control methods #Man-hood

# Happiest birthday Shane Warne. The guy who bowled men and balled women

# Vital Statistics is all about mean, maiden and mood. 

# Female sheep bitch about Ewefamism #Hey Ram !

# Spanish counter strike players propose by the following words…te ammo ;)

# A movie name for 
1. A dying torrent
2. A soon-to-be plant
3. An ageing Vicky Donor
Wake Up Seed !

# A serial kisser is a Kal-muaaahhh ;)


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