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Why I Miss Old Bollywood

By Daneshwari Mirji

Movies! What comes to your mind, when I say this?

Friendship, love, romance, family, fiction, horror, action, comedy, science- technology, adventure and what not?

People always say, “You want to enjoy? Forget your worries? Go for a movie!”

Want to laugh your heart loud?
Go for a movie!

But I say - Want your heal your own pain? Need to know the real meaning of words; Family, friendship, love, tragedy, feelings, etc.?
Then go for an Old movie!

Yes! If you ask me to mention 10 of my favorite movies, 9 of 10 would be the old ones! Initially & frankly speaking, I am person who is too emotional, sensitive & nostalgic! A person who loves romance!

Now the question is, Why I love Old Bollywood?

The yesteryear stars of Bollywood have been replaced with money-hungry, silicone filled & toothpick actress. Gone are the old days of sensible hugging, where even a kiss on a cheek or forehead would be so passionate, a single drop of tear in lovers eyes would make you shed a tear too! Nowadays, even the lip-locks aren’t so passionate! Those shimmery dresses, covering a girl from top to bottom that would give a gorgeous feminine look! That glamour is still classy!! 

How can you ever forget those breath-taking movies? From Sholay, Ek Duje Ke Liye, Mother India coming to Veer-Zara, Dil, DDLJ!

Some of my favorite dialogues:

K3G - "Zindagi main agar kuch bana ho kuch hassel karna ho tu hamesha apne dil ke suno or agar dil bhi jawab ne de to ane aankhen bhand karke apne maa or bapa ka naam lo, phir dekhna har mushkil assan ho jayage, jeet tumhare hoge, sirf tumhare"

KKHH - "Hum ek bar jitne hain, ek bar marte hain, shadi bbhi ek bar hoti hain, aur pyar... ek hi baar hota hain"

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Anand’?

The most inspiring, motivating one I have ever seen. Ultimate comedy, that makes you laugh until you cry, & sometimes tears just roll down leaving you emotional. Describing about the man, who looked future with positive attitude, when he knows his life is too short then.

Mother India, a nationalistic, tale of human flaws, which touches your soul, ultimately making your eyes moist.

DDLJ, the most romantic movie by Yash Chopra, it’s not only a love story, but tells you about our Indian culture, tradition & patriotism.

Amar-Akbar-Anthony: Describing about the ultimate family-love! Making eyes wet, even of the people who didn’t sob even once in movies.

Must watch movies, at least once in your life, I say!

Not forgetting, the very old Hollywood movie: ‘The Wizard Of Oz’
The quote by Judy Garland:
“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
For it was not my lips you kissed, but my soul!”

Still brings me goose bumps, whenever I hear or read it!
Stunning & evergreen lines!

Yes! The Old Bollywood, I don’t know, How many hearts it touched! How many souls it healed!
Made you smile, when you are in tears;
Made you cry, when you were smiling!
Also made you laugh, with tears in your eyes!


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