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Edge Of Oblivion

By Jessy John

Standing on the edge of oblivion,
Unsure of what is to come,
I stand gazing at the clouds.

In expectation of some wet shower,
For the fragrance of the misty dawn,
The softness of the moist green grass,
And that which my soul longs for.

The rings of light reflect on my eyes,
Spreading vivid colors of blue and yellow.

A beautiful day so naive and fresh,
Yet I stand solitary, awaiting the beginning.

It is not for me to gather,
Why you choose to stand afar,
And stare and me with unsaid words,
Of love or hate and whatever else.

Won't you whisper the endless tune?
Won't you awaken the intense verve?
Or will you fade away too,
Soon as the dusk falls upon the scape?

Source :
Still I stand solitary,
Gazing the rain less clouds. 

About the write : Voracious reader. A lover of words, colour, and music.


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