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By Vasudhaa Narayanan

I asked love, where it hides today
Take a deep breath
Open your ears and eyes
It said.

Smell the fresh flowers, feel the morning dew
Listen to the ringing temple bells
Find love with your senses
It said.

Photo credit - Vanessa

Read poetry learn languages;
Study its meanings, Its virtues;
Find love in educating yourself
It said.

Help the indigent, smile with them through their sorrows
Dance away their miseries
Find love by feeling one with mankind
It said.

Take a stroll in a park, smile at a stranger
Feel the fresh autumn leaves crunch beneath your feet
Steal some sunshine
Make nature your friend
It said.

Let go of your inhibitions
Forget your worries
Understand what it truly is to be free
It said.

Discuss politics, discuss philosophy
Discover new avenues of thought,
Find love through these differences
It said.

Be compassionate, be sympathetic
Teach it, share it and spread it
Find love through kindness
It said.

Listen to the sound of the breeze
Experience the rain drops pattering on your windowsill
Sing a tune to the birds morning glory
Find love in music
It said.

Be grateful, be happy
Find love within yourself.
It said.
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Vasudhaa Narayanan
I'm a 21 year old Indian, who grew up in Africa, India and Singapore. I love to dance and frolic in the rain! I am an animal lover, tree hugger, and a bit of a singer. When i'm not trying my hand at photography, learning french or travel blogging, I play my ukulele!


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