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Life Goes On !

By Daneshwari Mirji

When things go wrong, and sometimes they will,
When on road, you're climbing up-hill,
Pause, if you need a rest,
But never quit in detest!

Smile, smile & make others smile,
In life, you will walk an extra mile,
Blow an air of joy & move on,
Life simply goes on!

Chase dreams, how silly they may seem,
Be happy, at least you have pursued them!
Cherishing, laughing to heart's content,
Because, true happiness itself is, the contentment!

Photo credit - Vasudhaa

Life is beautiful, be happy always,
Its too short, living with regrets!
Pretending all though everything is right,
Slowly, that turns to a habit!

Winning is not everything,
But the will to win, makes everything!
Because what the heart desires & believes,
That it conceives!!


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