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Into The Void

By Jessy John

It was a cold, windy night. He stared into the darkness from out of his window, his eyes in search for a glimmer of hope.
Photo credit - Indrajeet Deshmukh

But all he found was darkness and more darkness. He longed to be comforted, to be understood, but time and again he found himself alone; alone in this battle called life. All his dreams lay shattered, torn into pieces. The days were long and the nights even longer. Sleep was rare, less painful. But then, there were these nightmares, the screams, the cries; the fear of getting lost in the woods.

The morning light was brutal too. The chirping of the birds did not help either. The happy faces on the street stabbed him each time they passed by.They reminded him of a life, he could have had. The sight of children made his heart ache. Laughter, depressed him. At times, the pain became unbearable and he sought out means to find an outlet to his bottled up emotions. But his eyes refused to relent, they refused to pour.

And then there were these attempts in picking up the broken pieces, but to his dismay he always failed. The more he immersed himself in work, the more alienated he felt. Meaningless, everything had become meaningless to him.

He'd once been a good son, a sincere student, an affectionate husband, a loving father. But now, he was all alone.

"Life has to go on. No matter what, the battle has to be fought", he thought as the sun rose from above the horizon. It was a new day. A new beginning.

He took out his pen to sign his first alimony cheque.

About the writer : A dreamer, voracious reader,lover of words, color and music.


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