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By Megha Chauhan

When asked how was she?
Unhappily he replied, 
"She was good, she was best, she was the loveliest.
I am nothing but a fool who couldn't see that well,
Love is something to beheld and I kept running away.

Now when she isn't there, it's me who's craving to see her again."

Seeing his melancholy the listener said,
"You can give me a message for her if any.The day I meet her, I shall pass it on."

Listening to this his eyes shined, with a ray of hope, hastily he took out a pen from his robe. On a sheet of paper, with his purest emotions he wrote :

Forgive me for my ignorance.
Forgive me for my ill treat.
I love you my sweetheart, how dear you are to me.
Come, for I have no one in this world to call mine, 

I wonder alone thinking how to placate you and bring you back as your love is divine .
Come, for I had always been wrong and did things for which I am guilty now.
Come, for your love was pure and it was my misfortune that I couldn’t value it more.
Come, for I don't want to lose you again.
Come, for without you I have been miserably in pain.
Come, for I don't find myself useful anymore.
Come, for the one who complimented me always is lost somewhere in vain.
Come, for there is no one who cheers me up and listens to me with that innocent gaze.
Come, for there is none who seems genuine to me in this mystic haze.
Come, for I yearn to listen to your sweet voice then and now.
Come, for I seek your face in every girl I see anyhow.
Come, for I love you too.
Come please my lady, Oh I feel so merciful!

About the writer Believer, optimistic, cheerful, witty, motivational, crazy, sociable, kind, friendly, lover, spiritual. Blend them all and that would be precisely me!


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