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The Renegade

Exploring avenues and pushing for richer pastures
The night walker flew to battle the Sun and the azure,
Rebel he was, he braved the caveat and shook off being demure
Enough of being a lunatic, he said, seeming perfectly sure

His mother, in the midst was heard of the plaintive whine,
He consoled, saying he will rule the day and the tall pine
Pruning his plume he ventured after shrieking a line
He rose high, turned a bone and disappeared into the vine

The sun, the sultry scenes were fought with utmost skill
The maverick he was, he thought this was his fill
Little did he know that grave threats loomed large above his bill
He perched on a tree picking up fodder or his meal

Along came a murder of crows, black and cawing
They seemed to get rid of the changeling
Our hero seemed to be flummoxed at this acerbity, this pestering
the little one was gravely swooped upon by the crows, amidst shouts and abusing

Somehow braving the odds, he dashed for a high post
The crimson all poured, resembling a gory ghost
he shouted at the heavens, remembered his mother and cried accost
Then fell the brave owl, the little renegade most :(


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