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The Journey

By Pranav Sukhija

I have heard the complaint,
Photo credit - Kartheik G Iyer
I have asked the questions,
I have seeked the responses,
And I have found the answers.

I have made a decision,
I have made some plans,
I have taken on a journey,
And I have so many thoughts.

I have learned to laugh,
I have learned to cry,
I have reconnected with myself,
And I have learned to trust.

I have shared so much,
I have received so much,
I have learned to forgive,
And I have started believing in love.

I have felt positive,
I have felt negative,
I have questioned myself,
And I have doubted my decisions.

I have felt like a winner,
I have felt like a loser,
I have celebrated small successes,
And I have seen crippling failures.

I have been reassured,
I have lost my track,
I have found my motivation,
But I have been defeated again.

I have finally made peace with myself,
I have learned to survive,
I have invested my faith,
And I have found a little hope.

I have gained so much,
I have lost only a little,
I have found people to take care of,
And I have found people who take care of me.

Pranav Sukhija
Teacher of primary school children, counselor for many, perpetual thinker, voracious writer, avid (not greedy) reader, crazy dancer, joyful singer, wannabe guitarist, wannabe actor, wannabe chef, comfort food lover, nature lover, self-proclaimed photographer, ingenious explorer, Delhi boy who doesn't fulfill most of the assumed 'typical' Delhi boy qualities.


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