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The Love

By Srihari V

The day has come, to leave.
All my life I have had, you.
The smile, that starts my day,
the love, that runs me,
you have given me everything,
everything a man would ask for.
What have I given in return?

Photo credit - Aman Wilson
Oh dear, my love,
happiness is all I have felt.
The love I have felt,
I can return nothing to match.
This day shall not cease
for the life that departs.

My beloved, I pray to God
not about the day, but the life we get.
I pray to God to give us a life,
a life to share our love.

The prayer that was silent
but spoken through eyes.
Tears slowly running down
but the smile never dies.
The life was blessed,
blessed with love and happiness.
That moment, the eyes of the man
close not to see anymore
the soul in her departs.
They depart for a world
where they shall live forever.


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