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The Little Joys of Life

By Arpita Nandi

No, I’m not going to start off about the flitting butterflies, the chirping birds, the beautiful sunrise, or the meandering streams! Nature’s beauty has been spoken about enough! Life has plenty of other stuff to give us, most of which go unnoticed by us!

Photo credit - Aman Wilson
Have you ever discovered money in someplace you never thought you would? Or found some lost money in the pockets of an old shirt? How would you describe that feeling? Bliss? Yeah sure, it is! Even better is the feeling of sheer joy you feel when you discover that precious one rupee coin, hiding in some corner of your bag, when you were falling short of exactly that amount while getting your bus ticket(if you get one, that is!)! Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness?

Do you remember how you felt when you found a public loo(or maybe a wall, whatsay, Indian men?) after holding back nature’s call for what seemed like a lifetime? Birbal once called this feeling the most satisfying, in life! While I would not go so far, I could surely say, I know what he was talking about!

Ever had someone do something for you, unselfishly? Like someone who offered you their water bottle because you were thirsty and there was no water around? Has anybody ever waited for you when you fell behind, while walking in a group? Be it a stranger, or your best friend; an unexpected gesture by someone is the best way to bring a smile onto your face! Check this the next time someone is being thoughtful!

How many of us can deny having laughed, or at least smiled, while reminiscing about our past? Old photographs, video recordings, baby books (lucky babies of today! How I envy them!!), or even somebody telling us an anecdote from the past; is bound to melt even the hardest of hearts! Past triumphs still make me feel like a victor, my childhood antics still embarrass me; and old heartbreaks (the ones I have gotten over, of course!) now seem like little jokes! Talk about pain making me happy!

I could go on forever! Simple pleasures, especially the ones that seem to pop out of nowhere, make life worth living! Finding joy in the finer things somehow lowers my high blood pressure… and it adds that essential element of mystery to my otherwise humdrum life - for I never know what’s going to suddenly make me happy!

ABOUT: A self-confessed Bengal-oorean, Arpita is at present supposedly studyingto become an electrical engineer. She however dreams of a future where she's a bestselling short-story writer. Arpita is passionate about cooking (both, stories, and food!!), singing and throwball...


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