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In Happier Times

By Ashwin Govindraj

As I sit on the sofa typing this article, all grown up and seemingly more mature, I can’t help but reminisce about the days when I could still watch cartoons, play lock-and-key with my neighbours, go to an amusement park with mum and dad and live life as if there was no tomorrow. Those were certainly the good old days.

Time and people change so much with each passing day. It now seems like an enormous effort to just go out and play or do whatever you like. There are so many constraints nowadays. There were days when the only way to contact people was to meet them in person. Now I hardly ever get to see my neighbour and a very good friend who lives next door. Despite being within touching distance of each other, I haven’t spoken to him properly in over a year! Things have changed so much these days. Back then there were no mobile phones and the only way to stay in touch with friends was to meet them.

Photo credit - Akhil Pawar
Nowadays people are too lazy to meet up and prefer to stay in touch “virtually”. There were no PSPs or iPods back then and games meant playing outside with the other kids in the neighbourhood. When I was in school, my neighbours and I used to meet up every day at 4:30 in the evening to play or just to talk! But kids these days only play games online or at a gaming centre. Those were the days when people did not know the meaning of the word ego. If I wanted to meet up or talk to a friend or a family member, I would do so without any hesitation. Life was so much better and simpler. Things seem too complicated these days and everything you do or say might have unintended implications!

It would be nice if times did not have to change so much, but life has to go on and people have to move on. Stay in touch with everyone you have known and anyone who has made a difference to you. The most important time is now, so quit watching too much TV, spending long hours online, working too much and messaging people. Instead spend more of your time with the people who love you the most — family and friends!


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