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Despicable Me

No, this is not the review of the movie by this name. Its about the person you see in the mirror everyday. The person that you have learnt to hate. That person is one who you've chosen to starve, to cut up and stitch, to push into body - shapers, to inflict pain upon, just to look good.

Have you ever thought why? Yes, I know its because you want to look like a certain someone and God didn't make you that way, sadly. But still. Why? Why would you want to be a clone of a person, when its that bump on the nose that sets you apart?

This is not self-help, but maybe it'll point you in the right way if you, like many of us, don't love your body.

Photo credit - Anoop Nagendra
People who look down upon others, for having a tummy roll or hairy arms, why do they forget that they too have been made the same way. They just alter their appearance to conform. Why else is the beauty services industry booming? Come recession, do we cancel our monthly trip to the parlor?

I'm not asking you to boycott anything feminine. In fact its great to reach a healthy weight, and we've got clothes to make up for the rest! There has to be a limit to number of things you can do to your body. Its better to be healthy than thin and we all know that. (In fact, what guy wouldn't like having something to hold onto, that doesn't poke him! :P)

If you think that vanity is just a concept limited to females, think again! Male vanity is as great as a woman's, if not greater! Guys too spend enough on protein supplements, gyms, salons (for the metrosexuals!), clothes and cars. If they can't wear it, they'll own it.

This year, make a resolution to learn to love yourself. Both mentally and physically. Stop fretting about that mole on your cheek, chiding yourself for being on the heavier side or for not being muscular!. Why, in those wasted moments, you could've thought of something better! At the end of your life, would you regret not having lost "those" ten kilos? Or would you regret not having done something adventurous ? Would you go through life hating that person in the mirror? Or will you embrace him?

Really, its your pick.

Tell us what you think? Is it sensible to go such extremes for the sake of appearances? If not, then why do we engage in it? If yes, then why? Please leave your opinions in the comments.


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