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If tomorrow never comes

By Prudhvi Chandra.M

Photo credit - Sahil Mehta

As I walk on the desolate path to heart-break city
Thinking of the moment where it all ended,
I wished not for solitude but a magical fluid
That would erase away all those memories......

As our lovely moments roll before my eyes
And the way it was nudged into oblivion,
I felt not the pain but helplessness
That in God’s playful charade we are, but unwilling participants.....

As the parade moves on carrying my love
Whose last breath was in my arms just yesterday,
I hear not the agonizing cries but truth
That in my heart, she will live forever....

As I let her go to a distant land
despite my promise never to,
I thought of nothing but her and 
That life is just a euphemism for death......

As I watched the sun go down the horizon
behind the dark contours,
I see not the dying rays but hope
That though it might never come, there is a tomorrow better than today


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