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Anil Kapoor Offers Tom Cruise a Cameo in ‘Mr. India-II’

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction aimed at taking the mickey out of certain people. We bear no responsibility for actions that may result from taking this seriously!

By Swetabh Kumar
Bollywood veteran Anil Kapoor has apparently requested international heart-throb Tom Cruise for a cameo in his super- anticipated flick, Mr. India-II. The sequel, that vows to redeem the legacy of the original blockbuster, has now mustered mammoth attention owing to the possibility of Cruise showing up in it. Reports claim this development to be a ‘returning the favour’ gesture on Anil’s part, who was also ‘granted’ a guest appearance in Tom’s action extravaganza “Mission Impossible 4: The Ghost Protocol”. In a move that is likely to strongly consolidate the desi Hollywood connections, buzz is that Anil finally has a legitimate reason to yell “Bole Toh, Ekdum Jhakaas!” on rooftops. Plus, with the ‘Cruise’ boost, media analysts vouch that finally, an Anil Kapoor flick might rope in audiences in number atleast comparable to the hair on the actor’s chest. “On a personal note, Mission Impossible and Mr. India-II are both very close to me. There, I was ‘almost’ invisible, and here I’ll be completely invisible” said the ‘Viraasat’ star in a recent press conference, maybe to remind the junta once again that he did share screen space with Tom only some time back.(didn’t notice him? Ok, you blinked at the wrong moment maybe). “Tomboy’s a great co-star, we share an awesome rapport, as you might have seen last year too”…..”Where sir, MI4?” ….”Nah(rather annoyed), check out our pics at the Taj, why go ‘reel’ when you have ‘real’ proof” retorted Anil when asked about his second filming experience with arguably the biggest movie star under the sun.

However, if masala tabloids are to be relied upon, all’s not smooth with Tom’s visit this time round, as local folks are now charging a higher ransom to cheer for the star at the airport, a demand which authorities are not too keen to comply with. Added to that, Anil reportedly is not very pleased with public queries like “How much role do you get in this one now?” or “Tom getting slapped this time?”  or my favourite one, “MI-4 to Mr. India-II: A’nil’ Kapoor to Anil Kapoor?”

Nevertheless guys, Mr. India being a huge favorite of its time, both the spirits and expectations from the sequel are sky-high. And with Tom ‘Cruising’ the film ahead, the publicity and the propaganda associated also seem to touch ‘never before’ zeniths; So let’s just hope Mr. Kapoor returns the second part of the favour and gives Cruise his first success in Bollywood, and maybe take his third, ok fourth..


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