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Someone Special

By Priyan Chawla

courtesy Vishakha Jindal
In the darkness,
I found your light.
When all was hopeless,
your beauty shown bright.

When I thought that I
could love no more.
You touched my heart,
to the very core.

You made me smile,
when I could only frown.
You picked me up
when I was down.

When all was lost
you gave me life.
You brought me joy
instead of strife.

Now i think of you
every day and night.
you came into my life
and made everything right.

I smile when we're together
and when we are apart.
the presence of your beauty

stops my very heart.

I hope as time goes on
you will see how i feel.
and i hope that you will see

that these feelings are for real.

I love you truly,
I love you wholly.
I love you completely,
I love you solely.

This is for someone very special in my life..

(Photo credits : Vishaka Jindal )


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