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Stay Alive With a Pearl Shine in Your Eyes

By Maumita Bhattacharya
Photo Credit - Aman Wilson

Why can't people just be happy all the time!!! I know that's a real stupid question but just ask yourself once that who are the most elated people in the world - KIDS, BABIES! But why? It’s because they just keep on doing their own work, don't bother at all what’s going on around, they just enjoy themselves. I read somewhere that the best way to be happy is to have a SHORT TERM MEMORY and GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR. I really liked it, just ask yourself why do some people just keep on thinking on some topic which they can’t solve and if they can (as every problem has solution) then why can’t they just solve it.

I mean ok, LIFE is not always fair but so what...nothing is PERMANENT here too. I literally believe in action rather than words or thoughts. I know you must be thinking that it’s easy to write but trust me it’s easier to apply. It all depends on your attitude and how  you take it, everybody has problem. EACH and EVERYBODY STRUGGLES, some overcome it and some lead their life to the depths of despair and dismay.  Only one thing that makes them different is their ATTITUDE. It’s YOU, only you who can CHOOSE to be HAPPY or to be DESPAIR. Believe me, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, LIVE it! You should be happy that you are blessed with THIS LIFE, CHOOSE your decisions wisely with a SMILE.
Live Exuberantly!! :)


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