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By Prudhvi M.

I still remember the first time our eyes met

And those lovely moments so beautifully set.

I still remember your glances n shy looks

And our letters which traveled through textbooks.

I still remember all your smiles

And those phone talks, when separated by miles.

I still remember those peaks of anger

And those cute cheeks, which make you, look so tender

I still remember that awesome birthday card

And the many thoughts we shared n had

I still remember our little fights

And every dream of mine in those nights

I still remember all those pleasant coincidences

And that naughty wink which numbs my senses

I still remember your Promise to be with me.

And the day I made you my destiny

I still remember the game played by fate

And the tears…….. When I realized it’s too late

I still remember the situation we parted

And the colossal grief it imparted

I still remember the hollowness that flooded

And the loneliness your absence has created

How lovely it’d have been

Have you been with me...........but things unseen

Got between us and created this abyss

Nothing ever will pain me like this

I now walk alone, with your memories

But for your true love n you, I’ll wait for centuries...

I still remember you Honey are my life, if there is still any........


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