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New Star Of India

By Sahil Mehta

Alright, here’s something you might not know. There is a Bollywood movie being made staring no less than Ranbir Kapoor and directed by chorepgrapher/director Ahmed Khan which auditioned by thousands of people entirely on Facebook!  

Yep folks you heard it right. The cast for the movie was selected using Facebook. This is the first time that such a movie is being made. The project, sponsored and brought about Nissan India, invited people to post videos showcasing their acting and dancing skills on their Facebook page. These were viewed by the thousands of people who access Facebook every day and voted upon. Over 2000 hopefuls auditioned for the movie, and based on public opinion 100 of them were chosen. Out of these 20 candidates were finally cast in the movie by Ranbir and Ahmed. Move over TV talent shows! 

The movie called “A New Star Of India”, has already gone on the floor and filming has started in Hyderabad.  Here are some exclusive behind the scene pictures.

Check out this exclusive video from the sets

 The project is being followed by an astounding 3 lakh people on the Facebook page. And even though the casting phase is over, you still have an opportunity to be a part of the movie by influencing the story! Check out the page for further details. 

Irrespective of how the movie finally pans out, this movie has certainly opened a world of possibilities for filmmakers and the millions of aspiring actors/actresses.


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