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Write Monkey


Whenever I write, I always like to start on a fresh page and in a clutter free environment. Somehow, given the multitude of thoughts crossing through my brain, I tend to lose focus and then I'm stuck traveling in reverse, trying to go back to the last thread of thought.

Microsoft Word is too bulky an app in my world. I don't need text editing mid-flow. Maybe a few bullets and all, but if you know a few keyboard shortcuts, using these will be a charm!

If you, like me suffer from the same "Lost-in-space' Syndrome, then don't be a worry-wart! ;D Check this App out, and I'm sure you'll love it!

It’s called WriteMonkey. Whenever I think of it, dancing monkeys come to mind! I'll list down the Pros and Cons of this. By the way, this post too was written on it!


  • It’s a free app, skinny weight wise.
  • The interface is great, it starts with witty quotes that make me smile all the time.
  • Just keep typing whatever comes to your mind and it won't interrupt you.
  • Neither will it ask you to continuously try to revise "fragments" nor will it highlight colloquialisms.
  • When you're done, hit Esc and you can save it as a .txt (Text) file.
  • A No frills, non-messy writing app for you.
  • It’s also portable, just put WriteMonkey (installation) on USB and use it on any Windows computer.


  • People with limited keyboard shortcut knowledge (Read : Keyboard noobs) shall find it hard to deal with.
  • A short summary of these on the welcome page would have helped.
  • Also a few times it crashed on me! Since then I've fallen into the habit of Ctrl+S every few sentences.

However there are so many features to it and its better if you read them here

On the whole, I love it and can't write without it =)

Lets hope you like it too.

You can get it here.


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